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Under Lock And Key

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September 2016 Then and Now Then

Car keys from the past were pretty standard. They were simple, metal and not a whole lot of different key combinations. How many of us can remember being locked out of our car only to have a friend easily get in with their key from an entirely different make or model? There was usually a separate key for the ignition and trunk. You could go down to the local hardware store and get as many key copies as you wanted, no questions asked.

September 2016 Then and Now NowToday keys are quite advanced. Transponder keys have a plastic head with a computer chip inside which sends a signal to the receiver in the ignition. Electronic key fobs (or remotes) allow drivers to just press a button to open the doors or trunk. This key-less entry is especially appreciated in bad weather or when carrying packages. For extra security, some cars come with a valet key which permits access into the car and to start the ignition. It doesn’t allow access to the trunk or glove compartment so valuable items remain out of reach. If you need to replace any of these modern keys, it can cost you well over $100!

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Cynthia Lopinto

Cyn LoPinto, M.A. is a gerontologist focusing on significant issues affecting older adults and their families. Her areas of interest include lifestyle enrichment, family dynamics, and caregiver support. Cyn has worked in both the recreational and healthcare industries.

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