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About us- running grandpaThank you for visiting Home Front Magazine, a publication for today’s seniors. We are an online periodical promoting a positive attitude towards aging and covering issues affecting older adults, caregivers and families. Our Web site at www.homefrontmagazine.com allows us to share valuable information with a large, worldwide audience. It also gives us the opportunity to archive back issues for those who may be looking for a previous article.

The expression “home front” is most often associated with wartime and a tribute to civilians staying home and working in support of those men and women fighting in combat. These behind-the-scenes warriors were essential and an important part of the total effort. The same can be said for the families and countless caregivers “holding down the fort” in households all over the world. Their dedication and sacrifice are key, and with today’s hectic multi-tasking lifestyle, the need for communication and support are more important than ever.

Home Front Magazine, created by gerontologist Cyn LoPinto, grew out of an idea many years in the making. While working in both the recreational and healthcare industries, Cyn saw a real need for information to those seniors living at home and their families. She noticed that most were longing for suggestions on ways to cope and loved sharing tips and swapping ideas.  About us - sporty women

We developed a magazine that is educational, supportive and a lot of fun. Just as there isn’t a standardized recipe for how to grow old, there isn’t a typical senior citizen. Older adults are as versatile as any age group. Home Front Magazine hopes to represent such a diverse group by celebrating the different ways they are living in this remarkable stage of their life. Feel free to share your comments and ideas by sending them to the e-mail addresses below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Cyn LoPinto MA – editor@homefrontmagazine.com

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