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Even with all the available ways we can watch films at home today, we still enjoy going out to the movies. For many of us, the candy is at much fun as the movie itself. See if you can fill in the names of some classic movie theater candies from the descriptions below.    

  1. The bite-size mints that are covered in milk chocolate and a favorite of generations of movie goers are _________.
  2. Choo-Choo-Charlie shook a box of these black licorice treats coated in pink and white hard candy, called  ____________.
  3. These malted milk balls, called  ______________, are still a popular choice for movie theater patrons today.
  4. ______________ are tiny semi-sweet chocolate nonpareils with a winter-looking coating and simply delicious.
  5. _________ are fresh roasted peanuts covered in milk chocolate.








Here is your chance to see how well you know the tv show “Seinfeld” by trying to come up with the answers to the questions below.



  1. The name of the bogus company George pretended to work for in order to continue getting unemployment benefits, was _________, He regretfully gave out Jerry’s home phone number as the contact.
  2. The character Kramer was actually his last name. His first name on the show was  ____________.
  3. On the famous episode “The Contest,”  ______________won by being the only one who refrained from self-pleasuring.
  4. The catchphrase _________________,was used on the show as an alternative to blah, blah, blah.
  5. _________ was the term coined to explain the effect that cold water has on the male anatomy.



Tanning and trying to achieve that summertime glow is still popular today. See if you can fill in the blanks on the following sun-tanning facts.


  1. The _______ girl was featured in ads starting in 1956. It was illustrated by Joyce Ballantyne who used her 3-year-old daughter, Cheri, as the model for her drawing.
  2. In years past, lifeguards would smear ____________ on the bridge of their noses to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays.
  3. During the late 1970s, the orange-colored sunscreen called Bain de Soleil had a memorable jingle. The song said, “Bain de Soleil for the __________ tan.”
  4. SPF, which stands for _________________, is the measurement of how long a sunscreen will protect you from ultraviolet B rays.
  5. _________ became the craze in the late 1990s when customers would stand near an automated machine that would douse them with a sunless tanning product from all angles.





Can you come up with the specific boat names from the descriptions below?

  1. A_______ is a lightweight narrow watercraft, opened on top with a pointed front and back, that uses paddles to move.
  2. A large merchant vessel that carries passengers and sometimes vehicles and cargo is called a ____________,
  3. In WW1 and WWII, Germany used submarines for military purposes. These were nicknamed as __________.
  4. A _________is a flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat loved by both locals and tourists in Italy.
  5. _________ are used on lakes, rivers and artificial waterways. These were popular in the early 19th century on the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers.



June is National Iced Tea Month. See if you can come up with the answers to these tea-related questions below.


  1. _______ tea is made with bergamot oil and named after a nineteenth century British diplomat to China.
  2. The British tradition of ____________, was introduced by the Duchess of Bedford in 1840. This came about to curb hunger since dinner wasn’t usually served until 8 pm.
  3. __________ is the art of reading tea leaves.
  4. _________Iced Tea is an alcoholic drink that does not contain any tea.
  5. Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden, and Arnold Greenberg started _________Iced Tea in 1987 in New York. Today they have over 30 different tea flavors to choose from.






May is National Salad Month. See if you can guess the names of these popular salads from the ingredients listed below.

  1. A fruit salad mixed with either sour cream or whipped cream, marshmallows, pineapple and coconut is called ____________.
  2. Italian salami, Italian cheese, olives, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts and Italian dressing is known as _____________.
  3. Julienned apple and celery, chopped walnuts, grapes and mayonnaise make up the famous __________ salad.
  4. The original _________salad was made up of lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, chicken breast, hard boiled eggs, avocado, Roquefort cheese, red-wine vinaigrette and chives.
  5. If you mix Romain lettuce with croutons, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, anchovies, egg, Worcestershire sauce, olive oil, salt and pepper, you get a _______ salad.



April is National Garden Month. See if you can come up with the answers to the following gardening facts.
  1. The art of clipping and pruning trees and hedges into ornamental shapes is called ____________.
  2. The French called the ___________ a love apple because they believed it was a powerful aphrodisiac.
  3. In the United Kingdom, France and Germany, this vegetable is called aubergine. It is better known as __________ in the U.S.
  4. _______ is the flower that vanilla flavoring comes from.
  5. If you cross a raspberry and a blackberry, you get a _______.



Most of us watch television very differently these days and enjoy the luxury of skipping through those annoying commercials. But back in the earlier days of tv, the commercials were an important part of our viewing culture. See if you can answer the following questions about iconic commercial characters of the past.

  1. Smart talking “Rosie The Waitress” was played by veteran actress Nancy Walker (aka Rhoda Morgenstern’s mom) for the household product ____________.
  2. ___________ was the lovable character that was featured in the Good & Plenty candy commercials during the 1950s and 1960s.
  3. Jane Withers portrayed “Josephine The Plumber” during the 1960s and 1970s to sell __________.
  4. _______ has been the mascot for Planters since 1917. While the person voicing the character has changed throughout the years, he is still as popular as ever.
  5. Jan Miner played a manicurist named “Madge” for the product _______. in She started this character in 1966 and continued all the way up to 1992.



We lost the talented actress and animal rights activist Mary Tyler Moore in January and wanted to pay tribute to this wonderful woman. See how many of the following trivia questions you can answer correctly from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which ran from 1970-1977.



  1. Character Mary Richards, worked at WJM-TV. She originally applied for a secretarial position but got hired as the ____________
  2. ___________ was the city the Mary Tyler Moore Show took place in.
  3. Phyllis Lindstrom’s daughter, __________, was shown in the pilot episode and throughout the series voicing the attitudes shared by younger women during the 1970s.
  4. Betty White’s character, Sue Ann Nivens, hosted the cooking show __________ at WJM-TV.
  5. Mary’s boss, Lou Grant, always kept a bottle of _______ in his desk drawer and shared it during many episodes.




Since 1986, Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday is a federal holiday and celebrated as the third Monday in January. See how many of the following facts you can come up with about this inspirational American civil rights leader.



  1. MLK Jr. was born and lived in _____________. He also attended Morehouse College in this same city.
  2. In 1964, at the young age of 35, Dr. King was awarded the _______ for his nonviolent resistance to racial prejudice in the U. S.
  3. The Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955 came about because of ____________refusal to give up her bus seat.
  4. Dr. King is known for his famous _______ speech in August of 1963.
  5. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968 by James Earl Ray in _______ .







See if you can come up with the answers to the following Christmas trivia questions.  


  1. _____________ invented the first strand of electric Christmas lights in 1880.
  2. In a famous holiday song, a partridge sits in a ________ tree on the first day of Christmas.
  3. Most people refer to Nat King Cole’s 1946 holiday classic as “Chestnuts Roasting Over An Open Fire.” The correct name of this memorable tune is ____________.
  4. Including Rudolph, Santa’s sleigh is driven by _______ reindeer.
  5. _______ is the country that exports the most Christmas trees globally.
With the cool fall temperatures creeping in, it is the perfect time of year to curl up with a good book. See if you can come up with the answers to the following book-related trivia questions.



  1. _____________ is the best-selling nonfiction book of all times and has been translated into over 2,200 languages and dialects.
  2. Children’s author Theodor Geisel is best known as __________. His books contain humorous rhymes and playful illustrations. He is adored by both adults and children all over the world.
  3. Harper Lee is known for writing the Pulitzer Prize winning novel ____________ in 1960. Her long awaited sequel, “Go Set a Watchman” was published in 2015.
  4. R.L. Stine is responsible for the children’s horror fiction book series_______. The original series was popular among teens and pre-teens from 1992 -1997.
  5. _______ is the British author of the Fifty Shades trilogy series for adults. While these erotic romance novels were enjoyed by many readers, the movie adaptation had mixed reviews.



Bewitched was a hit television program from 1964-1972. October is the perfect month to celebrate the show that featured the colliding worlds of witches, warlocks and mortals. See if you are able to come up the answers to the following fun facts about this beloved sitcom.



  1. _____________ was the name of the Madison Avenue advertising agency Darrin Stephens worked at.
  2. Samantha’s family witch doctor was __________, played by actor Bernard Fox. All she would have to do is call out his name and he would appear, usually in a crazy costume or get-up.
  3. In addition to Samantha Stephens, Elizabeth Montgomery also played her free-spirited wild cousin, ______________. While it was pretty obvious to viewers that Montgomery played both characters, the show listed made-up actress Pandora Spocks as playing this role.
  4. Due to major health issues, the original Darrin Stephens actor ________ was replaced by actor Dick Sargent in 1969. This practice of switching out actors playing major characters without an explanation to audiences was coined the “Darrin Syndrome.” Years later, this was referenced in the series Roseanne, when the actress playing the character Becky was switched.
  5. The actress playing nosy neighbor, _______ was also replaced Alice Pearce appeared from 1964- 1966 and Sandra Gould finished out the role from 1966-1971.



September 2016 Total Recall teacher




We celebrate this “back to school” time of year by testing your knowledge of the following famous real-life teachers.


  1. _____________ was Helen Keller’s teacher and best known as a miracle worker. This teacher got tremendous results because of her tenacity, hard work and great love for her student.
  2. The man responsible for creating materials helping children learn to read was __________. He is known for “Eclectic Readers” which taught reading in steady progressive steps and paved the way for modern textbooks.
  3. The type of teaching method created by an Italian female educator believes children teach themselves and the role of a teacher is to create the optimal environment for this to happen. Her schools are popular throughout the U.S. This teacher’s name is ____________.
  4. ________ was the controversial teacher in California who took on a teaching method compared to a drill sergeant. He believed in expecting his students to master higher mathematics and challenged them in many areas. Actor James Olmos portrayed him in the 1988 movie “Stand and Deliver.”
  5. Sidney Poitier portrayed character Mark Thackeray in the 1967 hit movie, “To Sir With Love.” This film was actually based on real-life teacher,  _______ from Guyana who moved to England and began teaching. Just like in the film, he dealt with racism and tirelessly worked on gaining the respect of his students.



August 2016 Total Recall dipsAs Americans, we love our dips, spreads and sauces. With summer barbecues and gatherings in full force, test your knowledge on these popular culinary dipping choices.

  1. _____________ is the classic dip you see at many gatherings for chips, vegetables and crackers. You traditionally add a famous soup mix to give this dip its flavor.
  2. Chickpeas, tahini, lemon and spices are the main ingredients in ___________________, a popular Middle Eastern spread.
  3. A smooth creamy cheesy sauce served as an appetizer or side dish is ______________. You will see this in most Tex-Mex restaurants.
  4. ________ is a Greek condiment made with yogurt and cucumber often added to Gyro sandwiches.
  5. A popular seafood dip that is made with cream cheese is called _______. It is often associated with the state of Maryland.

July 2016 Total Recall fireworks



Backyard fireworks are a common way that many Americans celebrate Independence Day during the month of July. Can you come up with the names of popular fireworks from the following descriptions below?

  1. _____________ are for the serious firework enthusiast. These are long tubes that shoot off colorful balls after they are lit.
  2. The best part of ___________________ is that they explode and make noise. Common types are M-80s, Lady Fingers and Black Cats.
  3. A kid-friendly firework is a ______________, which consists of a small bottle with a string that shoots confetti and makes a sound,.
  4. ________ are usually thin metal sticks that give off colored sparks when lit. These are a favorite for both kids and parents.
  5. Cone-shaped devices that are on the ground and shoot off a shower of colorful sparks are called _______. These are especially fun for younger children.
June 2016 Total Recall fear
There are 100s of known phobias affecting people all over the world. This month’s puzzle tests your knowledge of five of the more common phobias. See if you can come up with the names from the following descriptions.
  1. The fear of spiders is known as _____________.
  2. If you have ___________________ , you have a fear of open or crowded spaces.
  3. Someone suffering from _____________, is fearful of small spaces.                           
  4. ________ is the name for the fear of death.
  5. If you have a fear of heights, you are said to have _______.

May 2016 Total Recall Mayberry



This month we take you down memory lane to see how much you can recall from the “Andy Griffith Show,” which was popular in the 1960s. See if you can come up with the missing answers. 



  1. The town of Mayberry is a town in the state of _____________.
  2. Barney Fife famously kept his ___________________ in his shirt pocket.
  3.  ______________ was the name of the lovable town drunk.
  4.  ________ was the name of the crazy hillbilly who ran around knocking out town windows with rocks.
  5. When the show began, Andy and Barney commented that they were related. They were originally written in as _______.
April 2016 Total Recall hairThis month Home Front Magazine tests your knowledge on fun hair fashion. See if you can come up with the names of these nostalgic hairstyles (you might even have a few pictures of yourself modeling these looks)!!!
  1. The _____________ is a classic female short hairstyle with no layers and cut in a blunt fashion resting above the shoulders.
  2. Featuring an oversize combed-out look, the ___________________ was a favorite style worn primarily by both male and female African Americans during the late 1960s and 1970s.
  3. The ______________ has been popular for girls and boys for many years. Its name represents both the shape of the style, as well as the method used to achieve the look.
  4. The ________ is a choppy hairstyle with layers to create fullness and fringed edges to complete the look. Both males and females enjoyed this style during the 1970s and 1980s.
  5. Loved by women, the ___________was designed by backcombing or teasing hair with hairspray and then piling the hair up on top of the head.

March 2016 Total Recall 1



Wishing you the “Luck of the Irish” on the following puzzle. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by testing your knowledge on everything relating to the March 17th holiday. 





  1. The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade was in the city of   _____________  in 1737.
  2. According to legend, if you ever catch a  ___________________, you should never take your eyes off of him.
  3. The expression Erin go Bragh is translated to mean ____________.
  4. Irish tradition believes that if you kiss the   ________, you are given the gift of eloquence and persuasiveness.
  5. American tradition says that if you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s day, you will be  _________.




february 2016 total recall oscar 2To pay honor to this year’s Academy Awards (which air on February 28th) , fill in the name of the Oscar winning film represented in each of the descriptions below.
  1. The 1973 film, _____________, featured Robert Redford and Paul Newman as two charming con men in Chicago during the 1930s.
  2. ___________________ won Best Picture Oscar in 1993 about Polish-Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. The film was shot mainly in black and white helping to make the scene featuring a young girl in a red coat that much more memorable and moving.
  3. In 2010, _____________, took home the honor and starred Colin Firth as a British monarch suffering with a stuttering disorder who seeks the help of an Australian speech therapist..
  4. 1975’s, ________,  dealt with the comedy and tragedy of life inside a mental institution and gave actor Jack Nicholson his first Best Actor Oscar.
  5. In 1965, _________ won the Academy Award for Best Picture beating out Doctor Zhivago. This Broadway musical film adaptation starred Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.





January 2016 Total Recall JanuaryTry your hand at guessing the following January trivia questions to start 2016 off on the right foot.

1. January is named after the Roman god Janus who looks back to the past year and forward to the new one. He is often depicted as having two  _____________.  Because Janus is the god of transitions and beginnings, he is also associated with gates, doors and passages.
2. Then President, ___________________ designated the Grand Canyon as a national monument on January 11, 1908.
3. January’s birthstone is _____________, which represents balance and constancy. It is the perfect symbol after the hectic schedule most experience during the month of December.
4. Rock and Roll legend,  ________ was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi.
5. As the clock strikes midnight ringing in the new year,  _________ is the name of the tune traditionally sung in celebration. The old Scottish poem by Robert Burns was set to music and loosely translates to mean, “times gone by.”




December 2015 Total Recall snow


See if you can come up with the answers to these snow-related trivia questions as the Winter of 2015 is most definitely upon us.  



  1. Snow can appear to be different colors depending on where it falls. The actual color of snow is ______ .
  2. A snowflake has ___________________ sides.
  3. The term _____________ represents a number of regions in North America near the Great Lakes where heavy snowfall is common.
  4. According to National Geographic, _____________ kill more than 150 people worldwide each year.
  5. While the _________ is a fictional character from the movie “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer,” it is similar to the Yeti believed to roam the Himalayas in Nepal.







November 2015 Total Recall tv



Thanksgiving movies are often overshadowed by Halloween and Christmas films, but we found some that are worth a watch. See if you can recall the names of these Thanksgiving-related movies from their descriptions.
  1. Directed by Woody Allen, the 1986 story line of _________  takes place between two Thanksgivings in which the main character’s sister falls in love with her husband and the other sister renews a relationship with her ex-husband.
  2. 1995’s ___________________, features Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr. and Anne Bancroft as a dysfunctional family trying to get through Thanksgiving.
  3. The community of LA is depicted in the 2000 film, _____________,  showcasing Thanksgiving among four different ethnic families and the tensions that arise.
  4. The warm and funny _____ pairs unlikely characters played by Steve Martin and John Candy trying desperately to get home for the Thanksgiving holiday. John Hughes directed this 1987 classic.
  5. _________ is the quirky 2003 film about a young New York City girl running into numerous problems cooking her first Thanksgiving for her visiting dysfunctional family. Katie Holmes stars as the title character.





October 2015 Total Recall Holloween tv


To celebrate the arrival of October, see if you can recall the names of these favorite Halloween-related movies (ones without gore and suitable to watch with the kids).





  1. ______ is the title of the Mel Brook’s classic film featuring Gene Wilder as a mad doctor creating a monster in his basement laboratory.
  2. Disney’s adaptation of Ichobod Crane’s story, ___________________, includes a scene with a flaming pumpkin-head.
  3. 1998’s romantic comedy, _____________,  starred Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock as a pair of sisterly witches.
  4. Tim Burton’s _____ is a cinematic masterpiece telling the story of Jack Skellington’s adventures after leaving Halloween Town.
  5. _________ is about three witches on Halloween looking for eternal youth and stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy.


Sept 2015 Total Recall - breakfastIn celebration of September designated as All-American Breakfast Month, see if you can recall the names of these classic breakfast menu choices.
  1. ______ is the name of the dish featuring a cracked cooked egg in the center of a piece of bread.
  2. A Sunday favorite for many is ___________________, which consists of bread dipped into a batter of whipped egg/sugar/cinnamon and then fried on top of a pre-heated skillet.
  3. _____________ is a great “stick to your ribs” breakfast choice. Just add this grain to a pot of boiling water and stir in a circular motion. Add some butter or butter substitute and a sprinkle of brown sugar for a perfect start to your morning. Hint – no, this is not grits.
  4. The _____ is a mixture of beaten eggs fried in a pan until firm, then served folded over. Various types of filling are often added to customize this breakfast choice.
  5. A _________ is made when cake-like batter is poured onto a hinged iron containing lattice-shaped indentations for this yummy treat.
  6. Smoked salmon is paired with onion, cream cheese, sliced tomato and capers served atop a ring-shaped bread roll when you order ___________.Answers

August 2015 Total Recall peace sign




In celebration of August 1969s Woodstock see if you can recall the musicians who sang these iconic tunes. 

  1. ______ was the name of the band who sang “Going up the Country” on Saturday afternoon.
  2. A memorable performance by ___________________of the Beatle’s tune “With A Little Help from My Friends,” stunned the crowd.
  3. _____________ was asked to be the opening act at Woodstock since scheduled artists were delayed getting to the stage. His “Freedom” got the audience on their feet and really echoed the feel of the times.
  4. At six months pregnant, _____ took the stage at 1:00 am as the last act of the first day delivering a poignant version of “We Shall Overcome.”
  5. Gershwin’s “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess became a popular hit for _____ and a crowd pleaser at Woodstock.
  6. Closing artist _____ amazed the crowd on Monday morning with an unforgettable version of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”




 July 2015 Total Recall – Cocktails
See if you can come up with the name of these summer cocktails?


  1.  ______ is a classic New Orleans cocktail w/lime juice and passion fruit syrup.
  2.  If you pour some orange juice, and grenadine served over ice and then garnish it with an orange wedge, you will have a ______.
  3. Celebrate summer with the Tiki drink called a _____, containing fruit juices, syrups and liqueurs.
  4. Whip up a _____, which is a delicious blended frozen drink w/pineapple juice and coconut cream.
  5. A _____ is made with mint, lime, sparkling water and simple syrup.
  6. Sip a trendy _____ , which includes cranberry juice, triple sec and lime juice shaken with ice and served martini style.



Fun Pages - Total Recall - May 2015


Fill in the blank with a well-known 50s toy.



1. _________ was the name of the pink stretchy stuff sold in a plastic egg.
2. _________ wood was the name of the wood used to make toy air gliders.
3. The _________ was made popular by Donald F. Duncan.
4. __________ was originally design as wallpaper cleaner.
5. ___________ was Ruth Handler’s daughter’s name for which a popular toy was named after in the late 1950s.




Lunar melodies
See if you can finish these song titles which all contain the word moon.


  1. “Moon Over _____”
  2. “_____ Me To The Moon”
  3. “Shine On, _____ Moon”
  4. “Moonlight in _____”
  5. “On Moonlight _____”
  6. “By The Light Of The _____ Moon”



Chicks rule!women

Can you guess the names of these famous women?

  1. Patriotic singer who helped sell many U.S. War Bonds
  2. Young girl known as the “Maid of Orleans”
  3. Pilot who crashed in the South Pacific in 1937
  4. Founded the American Red Cross in 1881
  5. Known as the “Swedish Nightingale”
  6. Abraham Lincoln’s mother
  7. Made first American flag



soundsSame sound, different meaning

Read the definitions of the following word pairs whose answers sound the same but have different meanings. See if you can answer correctly, and yes, spelling does count!


  1. Kitchen utensil / Larger than
  2. Acting part / Dinner item
  3. Uptight / Canvas shelters
  4. Flower / Tiers
  5. Offensive odor / Bird
  6. Royal chair / Tossed
  7. Thick / Fender damage



abbreviationShort cuts

See if you can identify the following famous abbreviations…

  1. A.W.O.L.
  2. S.A.L.T.
  3. R.S.V.P.
  4. S.P.C.A.
  5. e.g.
  6. F.D.I.C.
  7. N.A.S.A.




tvT.V. slogans

Name the products that go with the following slogans…



  1. “I’d rather fight than switch”
  2. “When it rains, it pours”
  3. “Tell them Charlie sent you”
  4. “A little dab’ll do ya”
  5. “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”
  6. “We try harder”


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